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For the love of Project Managers



Team Gantt approached me to help design a long-form web series about the evolving role of Digital Project Managers on web projects. The project was a success attracting thousands of new visitors every month, so they asked me to create a resource hub for their customers and to design and implement a design system to revamp their marketing site.

The Challenge

TeamGannt is a successful project management tool with a stagnant user-base. There is a lot of competition for project management tools and TeamGannt's competitive advantage was that actual project managers were involved in the development of the product. TeamGannt needed to spread the word that their product could project managers transition their team's process by using a tool that could adapt to either an Agile methodology, a waterfall process, or something in-between.

The Solution

The web series I designed and coded brought thousands of new visitors to TeamGantt’s site which spread awareness about their product. The project was so successful that it became the initial hub in a library of resources for project managers. Our brief expanded to include a resource repository, a video library, and a new blog. Collectively this content is now grouped under the title “The Learning Center.”

Once we’d completed work on The Learning Center, I designed and deployed a rich and flexible design system that provided a springboard to apply a new visual aesthetic for TeamGantt. The success of that project lead to the redesign of their marketing site and applying the new design system to all of their customer-facing pages. While updating the homepage I wrote a communication strategy for the homepage—the primary driver of new signups on the site—providing them with a communication template, editorial guidelines, and governance plan.

TeamGantt is passionate about its customers and works tirelessly to make their jobs easier. Their customers also love their product and aren't afraid to show it. As we reworked how TeamGantt was talking to new users on their homepage, we also created a deeper and richer customer hub for users looking to see how other companies use TeamGantt at work. More than just testimonials, the customer hub allows TeamGantt to present beautiful case studies of their customers, in the form of interviews as well as short videos.

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