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It‘s time to meet your mentor


Mobile App

Bruth is a startup building a community of young working women by connecting them to mentors in their field. 

The Challenge

The founder of Bruth wanted to create a community for women to easily connect with potential mentors and incentivize the developing relationships with women who had a shared career path. She felt that in her own career that it was difficult to find matches with mentors that have a similar background and experience or who share relatable career trajectories. 

The Solution

I developed a logo, brand messaging, UI, and prototype for Bruth. I worked in collaboration with the awesome team at Arbitrary to create a vision for the product functionality that aligned the founder's vision for the Bruth community. I facilitated a workshop to build a long-term roadmap for Bruth and to develop and define the unique value propositions of the product. Finally, I designed a UI and implemented it as a high fidelity prototype using Invision that the founder could share with potential investors and new hires.

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